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This is the VRE roadmap.

The ultimate objective is to have a unified portal for all end users, where all documentation is accessible, where all kinds of simulations can be launched, and where partners can maintain distinctive documentation.

Luna is in charge of the VRE (the unified portal). The VRE objective is to enable scientists to launch complex simulation workflows, involving different data sources, portals, and infrastructure.

In order for portals to be available as building blocks in WestLife VRE, portals will need to be APIfied. WestLife will provide an interface, and assistance for that.

Moreover, to the extent possible, WestLife will import existing user bases to avoid requiring new sign ups from existing users.


STEP 1: Migrate technical documentation to the WestLife Portal

STEP 2: VRE must let users manage all their data in 1 place (Dropbox, EUDAT, Google Drive...) --> transition to WP6 appliance as a backend for VRE

STEP 3: Interconnection with e-science portals

Meeting Minutes

April 28th 2016 - Chris (STFC), Thomas (STFC), François (Luna), Matthieu (Luna) for WP5/WP6 coordination

October 5th 2016 - Thomas (STFC), Fraçois (Luna), Matthieu (Luna)

End of November 2016 discussions - Thomas, Chris (STFC), François, Matthieu (Luna)

January 30th conference call - Thomas (STFC), Matthieu (Luna), François (Luna)



Comment: if you have any question, suggestion concern, please feel free to contact us at fruty@luna-technology.com