Quarterly Reporting and Finance Updates

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Update on 27 January 2016

Prefinance - the prefinance will be circulated to all beneficiaries as soon as possible. STFC are awaiting confirmation from their Financial Department that the monies have been received into their account. Please see file attached for the amounts to be distributed to each partner. Payments were made on 31 December 2015 for all partners except for UU, EBI and NKI who are paid on 28 January 2016. This completes are pre-finance payments. The link to the spreadsheet of calculations is below.

File:Westlife - prefinance distribution.pdf

Quarterly reporting: All partners are required to complete the quarterly report which will give an update on effort used in Person Months and also estimated costs during the period. The first quarterly report is due in February 2016. Please complete (the file can be downloaded from the link below) and forward email to Denise Small at STFC. The first quarter runs from 1 November 2015 to 31 January 2016.

File:West-Life Reporting template v1.xlsx

The first Period Report is due at Month 18 (Delivearble 1.3). Further details will be circulated along with guidelines in completing the Form C, gives deadlines for final submission.