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Role and Membership of the Operations Committee

The aim of the Operations Committee is to provide day-to-day oversight of the technical programme. Members are not necessarily doing the technical work, but should ensure that work for the deliverables is achieved, and that the different workpackages are coordinated. In the first instance, they will meet (face-to-face or by videoconference) once a month, on a set date. The OC should give regular updates to the ESC.

The members were decided to be:

Chris Morris (WP1), Narayanan Krishnan (WP2), Antonio Rosato (WP3, chair), Marco Verlato (WP4), Francois Ruty (WP5), Tomas Kulhanek (WP6), Pablo Conesa (WP7), Robbie Joosten (co-opted), Victor Lamzin (co-opted), Sameer Velankar (co-opted)

(as agreed at the kick-off meeting on 28th Jan 2016)


File:Ops Board minutes20160303 (2).pdf

File:Ops Board minutes20160407.pdf

File:Ops Board minutes20160512.pdf

Next meeting to be held on 9 June 2016 14:30 BST/15:30 CEST