November kick off meeting including notes and actions

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1. Finance - Denise The EU has sent the first payment. At STFC we are awwiting for confirmation that we have received it, then we will pass the money to partners. The amounts are listed on the wiki in a pdf table. All partners please supply bank details urgently, NKI, EMBL, MU, CSIC, Instruct, Luna. The payment will be 45% (5% is withheld in the guarantee fund).

2.Staffing - all to report progress STFC readvertising. NKI: EMBL: Sameer, Victor absent MU: We have assigned people, three who will work on it half time. For WP7, have appointed someone who starts January. CSIC: One assigned, another has been hired, starting this month. CERM: Instruct: Callum will do the web work, will recruit for WP2. UU: absent, but has hired. Luna: Hired. INFN:

3. Project web site - Callum not present Who will provide hosting? Action: Chris to convene call between Instruct and Luna. See also

4. Portal - Francois See How can this be integrated with iNext? Action Callum: advise Francois about authentication, Ales also to be kept informed. Action All: please provide new image(s) for front page

5. Plenary meeting – Chris Science intros, 20 minutes per partner Plenary elect Executive Committee and Operations Committee Review forthcoming deliverables Do WPs want a chance to meet? Item on recovery of funds from partners who do not complete their actions. Action: Chris to make agenda and circulate.

6. External meetings – all to report any worth attending. Alexandre will speak on W-L at the EGI conference in Bari 11-13 November. Martyn and Chris will attend a meeting called by the Commission for new projects, 9th November. Jose-Maria will be at Cloud meeting in Taiwan, Alexandre has a poster.

7. Next meeting: do we want a TC in December? Action: Chris to make Doodle poll for a new meeting. Fuze did not work, especially on Windows! Use telephone conference, and investigate alternatives.

Other business: WP4 technical discussion: need use cases. Doodle poll for a WP4 meeting: