Kick Off Meeting 27-28 Jan 2016

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The kick off meeting took place on Weds 27th to Thurs 28th January. This page contains a record of the meeting. Uploaded talks are linked from the agenda below.

Further updates at 5 January 2016

Please book your accommodation directly with Coseners House - Coseners House using the booking reference 62693 West-Life Meeting. The contact details and information for Coseners can be accessed via the link below. The nearest airport is London Heathrow and the nearest train stations are either Didcot Parkway or Oxford which have good links to London. Any further queries can be addressed at our 'telephone' conference meeting on Friday morning (11 December).

The Coseners House


Abingdon on Thames

Abingdon hotels

The main purpose of the meeting is to plan forthcoming deliverables, especially where there are interdependencies among work packages. Work package leaders, please let me now if you would also like time for a work package meeting.

We need to have an agenda item on an issue that EMBL raised during the preparation of the CA. Two recent grants have had problems when a partner ceased trading, and the DESCA template that we used as a starting point has no provision for this. It would be prudent to form a joint understanding of how to deal with this. While many research organisations are robust institutions with a history of centuries, some H2020 partners are newer, including SMEs.

The agenda is below:

27 January 2016

Lunch from 1200 onwards

1300 Introduction to West-Life: Martyn Winn File:Kickoff-intro-mdw.pdf File:WP1.pptx

1325 Use cases: partners NKI, EMBL Hamburg, EBI, CSIC, CIRMMP, UU, STFC File:Kickoff-stfc-use-cases.pdf:

        Very brief, 5 minutes: how the VRE will help advance the state of the art (not: your current research)

1400 Brief (10 minutes) presentations of each WP by WP leader

WP1 Management STFC Chris Morris
WP2 Dissemination, Training and Outreach Instruct Claudia Alen Amaro
WP3 Networking CIRMMP Antonio Rosato
WP4 Operation MU Ales Krenek
WP5 Support File:Kickoff-wp5-intro.pdf UU Alexandre Bonvin
WP6 Data management STFC Chris Morris
WP7 Joint research CSIC Jose Maria Carazo

15:10 Coffee

1545 Introduction to overall West-Life development plan: Chris Morris

1600 WP5, including D5.2 "Overview (baseline) of services and portals to be integrated into the new VRE" File:Kickoff-wp5.pdf

1630 WP4, including AAI and D4.2 “Common security model design”, D4.1 “Consolidated architecture of job submission and interaction with infrastructure” File:Kickoff-wp4.pdf

1730 Summary of development plan: Chris Morris

Presenters are requested to share their draft presentations in advance.

Dinner and Bar Pre dinner drinks at 1900 for 1930 dinner.

28 January 2016

0900 General Assembly meeting, including:

       1. Recap of governance structure as laid out in the Proposal and the Consortium Agreement
       2. Confirmation of Martyn Winn (STFC) as Coordinator, as stated in the Proposal
       3. Confirm membership of the Executive Steering Committee.
       4. Elect a Deputy Coordinator (non-STFC). Nominations may be sent to the Coordinator before the meeting, or raised during the meeting.
       5. Confirm membership of the Operations Committee, and elect a Chair.
       6. Discuss possible members of the SAB (if time permits)

0930 Discussion on WP3, chaired by Lucia Banci

0950 Discussion on WP6, chaired by Chris Morris File:WP6.pptx

1010 Discussion on WP7, chaired by Jose Maria Carazo

1030 Coffee

1045 WP2 dissemination, including:

  Update from Instruct: Lucia
  Introduction to iNext: Tassos

1130 Recapitulation of action points

1145 Arising issues

1230 Lunch

Note: iNext participants may want to meet over lunch


Attendees File:Attendees, Westlife Kick off.xlsx

Name Partner Accommodation
Sameer Velankar EMBL EBI Premier Inn
Nurul Nadzirin EMBL EBI Premier Inn
Victor Lamzin EMBL TCH
Philipp Hauser EMBL TCH
Umut Oezugurel EMBL TCH
Gregorz Chojnowski EMBL TCH
Francois Ruty LUNA TCH
Dave Stuart or Susan Daenke, Claudia Alen Amaro, Callum Smith Instruct None
Alexandre Bonvin, Joerg Schaarschmidt UU TCH
Marco Velato INFN TCH
Anastassis Perakis, Robbie Joosten NKI TCH
Ales Krenek, Jiri Filipovic, Vlastimil Holer, Radim Pesa MU ??
Pablo Conesa,Jose Maria Carazo CSIC TCH
Laura Del Cano CSIC None
Antonio Rosato, Lucia Banci CIRMMP TCH
Chris Morris STFC Kingfisher
Denise Small, Martyn Winn, Alexander Dibbo STFC None