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This is the approved West-Life Logo



The official West-Life Blue is #3399D5.

The official font for headlines is Myriad Pro Bold.

Website pages templates and material

To create your own webpages, please use ARIA Management console: Manage West-Life Network. If you do not seem to have sufficient permission to do these, please contact Narayanan Krishnan or Chris Morris

If the pages you want to create cannot be placed via the console (like portal pages), use the below html template and css.

Template html file File:West-life-template.docx

CSS file File:West-life-css.doc

In case of any queries, please contact Narayanan Krishnan

Presentation template

For any presentation related to West-Life, please use the below template.

West-Life template

LaTeX templates

LaTeX variant of West-Life presentation and poster can be found here. Using this template ensures consistent branding of West-Life in the different posters presented by partners.

The template project also have an example poster and example presentation as a starting point for preparation.