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Development plan

plan WP6 with partners:

  1. integration VF to VRE portal - Docker container with LUNA, ASAP
  2. PDB components into VRE portal, VF web components, Deliverable 5.5 due 01.05.2017
  3. Virtual Folder as independent component in partner's portal:
    1. SCIPION - integration of VF components (filepicker) into scipion webtools, ideally by Instruct Bienniall 18.05.2017
    2. CCP4 online - integration of filepicker,
  4. strategy and integration of desktop/command line apps - integration (input/output) sheet at docs.google.com

use cases using VRE

Depended on integration of tools into VRE. VF with VRE, accesss to desktop tools via web, access to VM or container created on user behalf on STFC or other supporting facilities.

  1. have account in VRE, I'm on remote scientifi site, mount another file provider and analyse data

retrieved from facility using portal capabilities. Portal gives me web based tool, if I need desktop tools, I get access to the VM desktop via VNC,RDP e.g. via browser (aka daas.stfc.ac.uk).

use cases using custom VM

Independent to VRE, option to retrieve settings of (connected storage providers) VF from VRE - if such exists.

  1. not have account in VRE, remote scientific site, have prepared Westlife VM app on owned machine (notebook), mount facility data provider and analyse data locally on notebook (my own infrastructure)
  2. on my home institution, analysing the data using home institution tools,facilities, need to compare complementary methods, access to westl-life portal and see them
  3. training, summmer school, limited time project/training (several weeks) for group of people 30-50. VM on their local machines gives them desktop capabilities without need to register - to access VRE portal directly


  • VRE - virtual research environment - in the meaning of portal functionality integrated with virtual folder etc.
  • VF - virtual folder - deliverable of work package 6, D6.1
  • VM - virtual machine - custom virtual machine is a deliverable of work package 5.4 - D5.6