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West-Life Training Plan

This plan is created as part of Work Package 2 to achieve Milestone 5. The training plan is a product of discussion and further planning among partners to disseminate knowledge acquired and shared during the lifetime of the project. The plan is divided into each year the project is active for.


Here, we summarise the training workshops that has already happened as part of West-Life.

  • International Symposium on Grids and Clouds 2016, Taiwan (CSIC) Event page - User Training
  • From 2D images to 3D structures: A practical course on Electron Microscopy Single Particle Analysis 2016, Madrid (CSIC, STFC) Event page - User Training
  • Instruct Practical Course: Advanced methods for the integration of diverse structural data with NMR data 2016, Utrecht (UU, Instruct) Event page - User Training
  • West-Life Hackathon 2016, Paris (Luna, STFC) Event page - Developer Training
  • First I2PC-FEI “hands on” course on image processing applied to the structural characterization of biological macromolecules 2016, Madrid (CSIC) Event page - User Training
  • Supplementary: Developer Conference: Digital Infrastructure for Research September 2016, Krakow (STFC, Instruct) Event page - Developer Training


Proposed workshops for the year 2017. These are plans and will be confirmed in the due course.

  • Instruct training call workshop - Instruct invites training call application from partners. More information here Instruct Training Courses (Instruct) - User Training
  • Hands-On course on Cloud Orchestration - April 2017, Brno (MU) Event page - Developer training
  • Practical course on integrating computational techniques into Scipion – 2017 (CSIC) - Developer training
  • Proposed User Training workshop as a satellite event at Instruct Biennial 2017 - User Training


At this moment, the training plans for year 2018 are not concrete. However, we intend to conduct most of the courses through internet (webinar and other collaborative conferences). This would provide opportunity to present and train using the VRE that West-Life develops. This will also help in attracting broader base of attendees.

  • User training of pilot – 2018
  • Developer training – 2018
  • Systems training – 2018