PMB - 31 March 2016

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  • SAB and Meeting with commission officer: review when Martyn is available.
  • Deliverables

D7.1 and D5.3 Chris to ask for drafts by 18th. D3.1 (M9) Chris will circulate draft. There was a report to EGI on NMR data, will probably help.

  • Web Site

Logos now appear as links, not images. News feed not implemented yet - there are relevant courses already. WP2 meeting requests that all forthcoming meetings to Susan. Instruct meeting in Utrecht in two weeks, will report also as W-L meeting.

  • Flyer

Chris will provide some text to Instruct. Will make a second version when there is working functionality.

  • Finances

Quarterly reports: Instruct has claimed in wrong task, and 3 outstanding: UU, NKI, EMBL. Denise will chase with finance staff, with copy to PIs.

  • Ops Board 7 April, Chris cannot attend so Denise will represent STFC.
  • Next Meeting Mon 25th April 11am CET / 10am BST, to review drafts