PMB- 30 June 2016

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Present: Antonio, Alexandre, Denise, Chris. Apologies: Martyn.

Minutes of recent Ops Board are at

  • webinar on DG-CNECT reorganization Antonio reported Augusto presented. Reorganised, directorate is not now the C1 unit of DG-CNECT, new staff. Slides will be available soon.

European Science Cloud, European Data Infrastructure: Relationship between two will become clear when mandate is published. March 2017 application date for renewal of existing infrastructures. No other application date between now and then. Webinar was recorded. We will hear when we have a project officer.

Meeting with Commission, Martyn was trying to fix date in August ACTION: retry when project officer is appointed. Chris sent request for variation for CIRMMP (attached) but no reply received. ACTION: Denise to resubmit, via the participant portal.

  • July deliverables and milestones:

4.1 Luna R PU 9 Consolidated architecture of job submission and interaction with infrastructure (draft attached) Current draft contains TODOs for most partners. ACTION: Chris to suggest to Francois use of a Google doc, then email all partners for contribution.

4.2 MU R PU 9 Common security model design Draft, many key decisions not taken yet. Last revision 24/06 by Chris. ACTION: Chris to call conference call of Ales, Marco, Chris, Alexandre, Callum, Susan

D3.1 STFC R PU 9 Assessment of the life cycle of structural data and comparison with other scientific data Has had input from several partners. Will also submit to Data Science Journal. ACTION: Chris to format as deliverable and circulate.

7.2 NKI AVL R PU 9 ProteinCCD with new analysis options Tassos says work has begun, and will probably be complete end Aug, definitely end Sept. ACTION: Chris to write to Commission requesting delay to end Sept; and Denise to check whether there is anywhere to post the request on the portal.

M5 Training programme plan Instruct M9 Schedule for training programme years 1-3 approved and published on web site WP2 Chris has emailed Krish to ask about progress with a web page for training. Krish promised to circulate the draft. ACTION: Chris to try to add Hackathon event to

  • RDA call for projects: Could we claim some money? Deadline 30 Sept. Criteria include " Added value in improving data sharing and re-use". ACTION: Chris to suggest that CSIC considers applying, possibly to connect EMDB with new SBGrid database.

- * Instruct Biennial 24-26 May Page still says "more details will be available soon". Good to have satellite meeting or workshop. Probably Vladimir Skena organising. ACTION: Chris to email Claudia requesting satellite meeting, booth or table, flyer in delegate pack.

  • Hackathon: Chris

19-20 July, Paris. Purpose to add content to portal. ACTION: Chris to ensure that everyone who registers is added to relevant Github repository.

  • Finances: Denise. Most partners are underspent. Will review at end of first 12 months.

Has given reminders for overdue quarterly reports to NKI, INSTRUCT, CSIC.

  • AOB none
  • Next meeting 4th August, 1300 EST.

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