October 5th 2016

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virtual folder VM OS is based on scientific linux

Thomas built a web UI for the user to enter its various credentials. + a web UI to browse through the folders. The UI is based on angular, react, aureliaJS --> he did not choose yet

- multiple credentials (for multiple users) are not solved yet, it's one VM per user. But Thomas thinks implementing multiple credentials capabilities will not be a problem

- Thomas integrated virtual folder with PDB DB already, and they have a webGL structure visualizer

Instead of asking people to create pages in the VRE, we (Luna) should give them headers and components to include in their existing pages (including for the virtual folder) (since people want to use different web technologies)

CCL - the web pages to browse through the virtual folder will be done by Thomas and will not be anymore in the VRE scope - the VRE must serve the role of a "glue" which means we must provide embeddable dynamic components, that all portal operators (+ Thomas for the virtual folder) can embed easily on their web pages Concretely, at Luna we will make a hind of header/component web service, that makes sure all the embedded headers/components everywhere on all portals are always synced with the VRE