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West-Life - Computational and data management services for structural biology

West-Life provides services for computation and data management to researchers in structural biology, integrating multiple approaches and experimental techniques. It builds on European e-Infrastructure solutions from EGI and EUDAT and links together web services and repositories for structural biology. It is also engaged in the development and dissemination of best practices.

Welcome to the West-Life wiki

These are project pages, used by partners to track progress. The public West-Life web site is elsewhere.

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West-Life Hackathon 26 Sep 20128

All Partners' Meeting 3-4 May 2018

All Partners' Meeting 31 Aug - 1 Sept 2017

All Partners Meeting 19-20 Jan 2017

Kick Off Meeting 27-28 Jan 2016

Quarterly Reporting and Finance Updates

November kick off meeting including notes and actions

July 2016 Meeting Minutes (VRE, virtual folder and AAI)

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List of external meetings attended by West-Life partners


Relevant Papers

Abstract - a starting point if you want to make a conference submission

If you publish work done as part of this project, please include this acknowledgement: "“This work has been done as part of the WestLife VRE (, a project funded by the European Commision contract H2020-EINFRA-2015-1-675858.”"

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