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Technical report Part A

The following structured tables from the grant management system will be part of the report. We will prepare drafts in this wiki:

The structured tables include:

Technical Report Part B

The free text, core part of the report that you must upload to the grant management tool under the Report Core tab, as a single PDF document with:

  • explanations of the work carried out by all beneficiaries and linked third parties during the reporting period
  • an overview of the progress towards the project objectives, justifying the differences between work expected under Annex I and work actually performed, if any.

Must explain progress since Periodic Report and respond to the Reviewers Comments.

The outline is as follows.

1. Explanation of the work carried out by the beneficiaries and Overview of the progress

1.1 Objectives

1.2 "Explanation of the work" for each work package. Please use the WP1 report as a template.

For your convenience, here is a list of the File:RP2-deliverables.xlsx

1.3 Impact

1.4. Access provisions to Research Infrastructures - not applicable to us

2. Update of the plan for exploitation and dissemination of result (if applicable)

3. Update of the data management plan

4. Follow-up of recommendations and comments from previous review(s)

5. Deviations from Annex 1 and Annex 2

Financial report

Consists of structured forms from the grant management system, including:

  • individual financial statements (Annex 4 to the GA) for each beneficiary (and third parties)
  • explanation of the use of resources and the information on subcontracting and in-kind contributions provided by third parties, from each beneficiary for the reporting period concerned

See EU guidance

There is a template which unhelpfully is in the form of a PDF.

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Reporting Period 2 began on 1st May 2017.