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Technical report Part A

The following structured tables from the grant management system will be part of the report. We will prepare drafts in this wiki:

The structured tables include:

Technical Report Part B

The free text, core part of the report that you must upload to the grant management tool under the Report Core tab, as a single PDF document with:

  • explanations of the work carried out by all beneficiaries and linked third parties during the reporting period
  • an overview of the progress towards the project objectives, justifying the differences between work expected under Annex I and work actually performed, if any.

Must explain progress since Periodic Report and respond to the Reviewers Comments.

For your convenience, here is a list of the File:RP2-deliverables.xlsx


Financial report

Consists of structured forms from the grant management system, including:

  • individual financial statements (Annex 4 to the GA) for each beneficiary (and third parties)
  • explanation of the use of resources and the information on subcontracting and in-kind contributions provided by third parties, from each beneficiary for the reporting period concerned

See EU guidance

There is a template which unhelpfully is in the form of a PDF.

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Reporting Period 2 began on 1st May 2017.