Engagement Plan

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Engagement Plan

The engagement plan document can be found here File:West-Life-M2.2-M6.docx

Engagement plan details

Item Medium Target
West-Life networks in structuralbiology.eu webpages Structural Biology Community and New communities
LinkedIn Group, perhaps linked to WeNMR Web New communities and public
Technical dissemination with infrastructures Conferences like DI4R New communities
Publishing in journals Web/Print New communities and public
Webpages specifically addressing industry users Web Industry
Flyer targeted to Industry users Flyer Industry
Publication in CORDIS Web Policy makers and new communities
Publication of VRE in MERIL Web Industry and new communities

List of future events

Event Location Date Target
PSDI 2016 Malmö, Sweden November 2016 Industry
DLS-CCP4 Data Collection and Structure Solution Workshop Oxford, United Kingdom December 13-20 2016 Structural Biology Community
CCP4 Study Weekend 2017 Nottingham, United Kingdom January 9 2017 Industry and Structural Biology Community
CCP4 Crystallography School and Workshop at SPring-8 Japan January 2017 Industry and Structural Biology Community
NECEN I2PC Cryo-EM school Leiden, Netherlands Jan – Mar 2017 Structural Biology Community
10th « NMR a tool for Biology » meeting Paris, France January 30 – February 1 2017 Structural Biology Community
42nd Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function Mantra Lorne, Australia February 5-9, 2017 Structural Biology Community
NGP-net Winter School on Experimental Methods for Protein Disorder & Aggregation Marseille, France Februray 13 -17 2017 Structural Biology Community
International Symposium on Grids & Clouds 2017 Taipei, Taiwan/Chinese Taipei March 5-10 2017 New Communities
Magnetic Moments in. Central Europe (MMCE) Budapest, Hungary March 8-12 2017 New Communities
Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference California, USA March 26 - 31, 2017 Industry and New Communities
FEBS Combined Practical and Lecture Course Chemistry of Metals in Biological Systems Belgium May 5 2017 New Communities
CryoEM Best Practices Workshop Harwell, United Kingdom May 9 2017 Industry and Structural Biology Community
Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Meeting 2017 Brno, Czech Republic May 21- 24 2017 Structural Biology Community
iNEXT All Hands Meet Brno, Czech Republic May 21 2017 Structural Biology Community
GRC Computational Aspects of Biomolecular NMR Sunday River ME, USA June 11-16, 2017 Industry and new communities
CCP4/APS School in Macromolecular Crystallography Argonne, USA June 2017 Industry and Structural Biology Community
Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting Berlin, Germany August 25-29 2017 Structural Biology Community
PDBe API - search and entry API Workshop   Structural Biology Community
Drug Discovery 2017 Liverpool, UK 2017 Industry and New communities
iNEXT training course Bridging solution methods: from NMR to X-ray scattering and biophysics Patras, Greece 2017 Structural Biology Community and New Communities
PSDI 2017 12-14 November 2017 Cambridge, UK Industry
CCP4 Study Weekend 2018 Nottingham, UK 10-12 January, 2018 Industry and Structural Biology Community
PSDI 2018 Paris, France 13 November 2018 Industry

Green Text denotes Industry represented events