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What is the exact purpose of the VRE

- SSO requires a registration procedure with ARIA, which is too tedious for individual users, so it is necessary to have a central point doing sso for users ---> the VRE

- as a consequence, the VRE will store the mappings between users ARIA id and their data storage credentials

- Additionnally the VRE will provide web pages to browse the virtual folder, so that users have public, online, single point of entry for their data

+ WestLife modules:

-- virtual folder container : blackbox with inputs = credentials and outputs = unified file system (we take current virtual folder VM mounting part and turn it into a container, then for public portals we will have 1 container instance per user)

-- WestLife VM : contains the virtual folder container + various pre-installed codes and portals

-- web component header/footer for portals

-- web component PDB viewer for portals

+ Westlife portals:

-- use VRE web components for common look and feel -- use virtual folder containers to enable users to fetch directly their files when submitting jobs -- interconnect on a case by case basis with SSO (ARIA)