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File:Deliverable template final version.docx

Lead Type Due Title Progress
D5.1 Luna DEC PU 3 Project portal
D1.2 Instruct DEC PU 3 Project web pages
1.1 STFC OTHER PU 3 Kick Off Meeting 27-28 Jan 2016
D5.2 UU R PU 4 File:Overview (baseline) of services and portals to be integrated into the new VRE.docx
7.1 NKI AVL R PU 6 File:Multi-core implementation of PDB REDO server.docx
5.3 Luna DEC CO 6 File:Prototype of the new VRE portal functionality.docx [1]
4.2 MU R PU 9 File:Common security model design.pdf
4.1 Luna R PU 9 File:Consolidated architecture of job submission and interaction with infrastructure.pdf
D3.1 STFC R PU 9 File:Assessment of the life cycle of structural data and comparison with other scientific data.docx
7.2 NKI AVL R PU 9 11 ProteinCCD with new analysis options File:West-Life D 7 2.docx
D6.1 STFC OTHER PU 12 Virtual folder File:West-Life D6 1.docx
4.3 INFN R PU 15 File:Report on experience with deployment of consolidated platform and its interaction with infrastructure.pdf
3.2 Instruct R PU 17 File:''Organisation of a round table or joint meeting involving ESFRIs.pdf
5.5 EMBL R PU 18 File:VRE-integrated PDBe search and query APIs.docx
5.4 Instruct R PU 18 Report on the activities of the help desk
D4.4 STFC R PU 18 File:Overview of external datasets, strategy of access methods, and implications on the portal architecture.docx
3.4 CIRMMP R CO 18 File:Interim report on science policies.docx
2.1 Instruct R PU 18 File:Interim report on T2 1.docx
2.2 Instruct R PU 18 File:Interim report on T2 2.docx
2.3 Instruct R PU 18 File:Summary report of SB community engagement.docx
1.4 Instruct R PU 18 File:Draft sustainability work plan.docx
1.3 STFC R PU 18 File:Periodic report 1.pdf
3.3 CIRMMP R PU 19 Report on requirements by other RI
7.6 CSIC R PU 24 EM quality assurance workflow
7.3 NKI AVL R PU 24 ProteinCCD with construct scoring and ranking
5.7 UU R PU 24 Report on access and usage statistics of the various services
5.6 STFC R PU 24 Report on available VMs with associated documentation/use case for each of them
3.5 CSIC R PU 24 Publication of a joint document on the usage of structural data in different biomedical RIs
2.4 Instruct R PU 24 Report on industrial user engagement
4.5 INFN R PU 26 Report on the progress of the deployment of consolidated platform and its inteactions with infrastructure
7.9 STFC R PU 30 Report on existing metadata standards, and proposals for new vocabularies See D7.9
7.8 STFC R PU 30 Report on prototypes constructed using Big Data approaches. See Task 7.3
7.5 UU R PU 30 A HADDOCK server for EM
7.4 EMBL R PU 30 A REFMAC server for EM and NMR
6.2 STFC DEM PU 30 Repositories
7.7 EMBL R PU 30 Quality analysis workflow for predicted complexes
3.6 CIRMMP R PU 30 Update of requirements by other RI
6.3 EMBL OTHER PU 32 Assembly queries
D6.4 STFC OTHER PU 33 Provenance
5.9 Instruct R PU 36 Update report on activities of the helpdesk
5.8 UU R PU 36 Report on the access and usage statistics
4.6 MU R PU 36 Final report on deployment of consolidated platform and the overall architecture
2.5 Instruct R CO 36 Engagement report
1.7 STFC R PU 36 Final report
1.5 Instruct R PU 36 Sustainability report
1.6 STFC OTHER PU 36 Final project conference

Month numbers

1 Nov-15
2 Dec-15
3 Jan-16
4 Feb-16
5 Mar-16
6 Apr-16
7 May-16
8 Jun-16
9 Jul-16
10 Aug-16
11 Sep-16
12 Oct-16
13 Nov-16
14 Dec-16
15 Jan-17
16 Feb-17
17 Mar-17
18 Apr-17
19 May-17
20 Jun-17
21 Jul-17
22 Aug-17
23 Sep-17
24 Oct-17
25 Nov-17
26 Dec-17
27 Jan-18
28 Feb-18
29 Mar-18
30 Apr-18
31 May-18
32 Jun-18
33 Jul-18
34 Aug-18
35 Sep-18
36 Oct-18