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Notes from today's (14th Feb 2017 9:30) call between Matthieu (LUNA) and Tomas(STFC) , update on progress of VRE and VF integration:

  1. B2DROP: VRE mounts webdav provider correctly, fixed http reverse proxy to b2drop webdav endpoint, WEBDAV access is now authenticated via session id.
  2. DROPBOX: VF needs to have updated trusted certificates to connect to dropbox api. (mozroot --import --sync). Applied manually seems to work.
  3. repaired intermitent bugs in mountb2drop.sh script
  4. updated issue #19 tracking all technical changes and minor issues which needs to be addressed [[1]]
  5. Tomas to look to dropbox intermitent error and add other providers
  6. Matthieu to update the current commited VF metadataservice
  7. next call Thursday 16.02.2017 same time (9:30)