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Virtual Folder and partner portal integration

User works with partner portal and within the task definition he could use West-life functionality with these strategies:

  • redirect to West-life portal to do some subsequent task - file picking, dataset viewing, ..., the UI is hosted at West-life portal, then user is redirected back to the referrer portal
    • filepicker demo is using first strategy - it creates a popup window of a browser and listens for message containing the url from the popup window.
  • West-life web UI component is embedded in partner portal web UI, the UI is hosted by partner portal, communicates via REST API with West-life portal, no redirection is done.
    • there is issue with vendor-bundle.js. It expects the backend API to be available at the same host. Being solved [[1]]
    • there might be some incompatibilities between partner portal libraries and VF libraries. This is partly addressed by current VF bundles, which are as independent as possible.

Use cases to pick file or folder

Common use case to offer partner portal is file picking and upload directory picking (to select file/files which can be downloaded later by a task and select directory/folder where to upload the results). How these relates to the user workflow?:

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The sequence involved in the mentioned use cases using option to redirect/open new window of west-life portal component is as follows:

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Documentation for portal developers

Instruction with embedded west-life web components in partner portal - [draft] may not work properly [[2]]. Instruction with linked west-life web components in partner portal - see filepicker demo. filepicker.html should be hosted on partner portal, filepickercomponent.html is hosted in west-life portal. Established gitbook [[3]]


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