D6.2:Virtual Folder and PDB Components integration

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Virtual Folder and PDB Components integration

Develop a widget/component which allows to define dataset. The entries of a dataset can be filled using pdb-autocomplete component, refined using pdb-* web components.

Current task and steps followed at https://github.com/h2020-westlife-eu/west-life-wp6/issues/26

Prototype implementation

Dataset tab available in portal, uses pdb-autocomplete, for pdb or uniprot entries visualizes it using selected pdb web components


Browsing for a specific dataset files in a repository, in this case PDB at ebi.ac.uk using API. In "dev" branch - not yet in portal.west-life.eu (18/09/2017)


Follow up proposal

The prototype dataset tab integrates several features from ebi portal and allows define "dataset". Similar feature to define "basket" of datasets are in Uniprot portal as well as in PDB portal as well. West-life may allow to

  1. West-life UI - implement browsing mechanism to discover a dataset from third party portal - currently available as "dataset" tab for PDB entries or a "special folder" allowing to browse repository and upload it to Virtual Folder.
    1. this might be done for any third party portals, file browsing mechanism
  2. Third party repository portal UI - integrate - implement something like "west-life" button which will initiate a file transfer from a basket from third party portal or repository to virtual folder.
    1. this might be prefered as repository portal may already implement some sort of search, browsing, discovery and visualization of it's own entries. It's usually possible to select entries to a basket user can download locally via browser later in a batch.


Meeting notes:

Work in progress: