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Storage Strategy

The virtual folder integrates several storages into a central point. Some access is via FUSE driver - so files appears transparently on mounted filesystem folder and legacy software can process the files directly - files are downloaded and cached transparently by the driver. Some access is via proprietrary drivers - a strategy to download local files needs to be analysed. The Metadata produced by the system should contain

  • what files were accessed and the time of access
  • what files were changed
    • what process changed the file
    • NICE: what are process arguments/parameters
    • what intermediary files were produced/touched, relation to other files


DAVFS driver caches the files in /var/cache/davfs2. It may be monitored which files appears there and the times

DROPBOX proprietary driver in SBFILEs sservice - can trigger log action on GET/PUT/POST/DELET operation on files.