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Analysis of documentation, content management system

Documentation of West-life project will consist of documents of particular packages, user's guide, developer's guide, tutorials and documents about metadata of the services available from the west-life portal. Key requirements and ideas on the desing of shared documentation:

  • Cover all existing documents for the particular tools, methods, etc. - mainly as a primer documentation and links to the comprehensive docs at partners sites
  • Content hosted on west-life may document and give forms to access tools availabe at westlife (scipion web, ccp4 online, ...)
  • Final format of docs is up to the vendor,
  • Format of meta docs hosted by west-life
  • Good primary structure - A document - belonging to a service should be searchable, navigable - at minimal intermediary clicks
  • convention on structure
  • structure by the tool name, structure by the tool category of the method. E.g. crystalography, cryoEM, SAXS,SANS, NMR
  • SEO - search engine optimized

There should be a well established convention of structure. This implies:

  • automatic generation of Navigation Bar Menu, shared among web pages
  • automatic generation of HTML (Web) output
  • automatic/semiautomatic generation of further formats - PDF, ebooks

Use cases

Use cases which can be covered by west-life docs:

  • Tutorial covering several structural biology methods
  • Short description and link to existing tutorials - nice tutorials at http://www.bonvinlab.org/education
  • Generation of navigation bar for content accessible from west-life portal
  • Web page of particular service of the west-life software tool - e.g. some new service not yet hosted somewhere else
  • Metadata page of existing web application - linking e.g. to local scipion web, ccp4 online or hosted scipion, ccp4 online, haddock, etc.

High level view Adobe SVG Viewer plugin (for Internet Explorer) or use Firefox, Opera or Safari instead.

First Prototypes

  • http://westlifesite.wordpress.com - meta docs and links to services outside west-life portal, there were attempt to use Jekyll as statis site generator.
    • pros: wordpress is well established CMS for web pages,
    • cons: third party plugins contains security vulnerability (avoid to use them)
  • https://app.moqups.com/p.conesa.mingo@gmail.com/2fGgWvQHIM/view/page/ac0b0218b - Mockup of web pages from login to process cryoEM data in ScipionWeb
    • some of the pages already implemented, the presented workflow is possible without login in current Virtual Folder installation
  • ARIA networks
  • Pandoc provides export to printable formats
  • Gollum is a wiki based on Pandoc

Repository of documents

As an initial repository could be git and file-based CMS. There could be introduced some DB synchronization with the content.