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Project definition

Task 6.2 (STFC, CSIC)

  • a reference implementation of a repository
    • supplies suitable metadata to the portal (D6.2)
    • metadata standards to be devised in WP7
  • support: registering a new project, and adding files to a project.
  • CERIF standard - compatible with existing CRIS repositories
  • capable of assigning an URI to a project if it is not yet recorded in a CRIS repository.
  • ensure the availability of a triple store for metadata for structural projects.


A repository for SB facility is a data management system customized for life cycle of data in structural biology. Example generic db management system is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Cassandra a level beyond it is a "data center operating system", how they named itself a Mesosphere - https://mesosphere.com/why-mesos/

From user's perspective. Main entry point for user's data is West-Life Virtual Folder. Therefore integration between Repository and Virtual Folder will be provided (upload data from repository to VF to keep/store it) - D6.1.


Institutional Repository

New implementation of institutional repository (web application) to support data acquisition, data management within scientist visit in institution. Further details at D6.2:AnalysisRepository


The virtual folder may provide some way of documentation/content management system. Virtual Folder itself manages the data files - the documents can be processed by content management system to provide some entry point for further editing by user - use them in scientific publication/report etc. Further details continues at D6.2:AnalysisDocumentation

Multiple storage integration strategy for provenance

The virtual folder integrates several storages into a central point. Some access is via FUSE driver - so files appears transparently on mounted filesystem folder and legacy software can process the files directly - files are downloaded and cached transparently by the driver. Some access is via proprietrary drivers - a strategy to download local files needs to be analysed. Further details at D6.2:StorageStrategy




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