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Virtual Folder
is a first deliverable of WP6 package [[1]]

Proposal of Virtual Folder

The effort will build on previous work by WeNMR and others to create a virtual folder view of scattered data (D6.1). In particular, it will build on the B2DROP and B2SAFE services provided by EUDAT, and on PaNData for photon and neutron facilities, and collaborate with the possible future efforts of PaNDaaS WP9. This will be the first such effort to also address data management for the growing field of single particle electron microscopy. This data service will be registered in the ELIXIR Tools and Data Services Registry, with EDAM metadata; and also in B2FIND. CCP4 has begun development of a web portal for solving crystallographic structures. This will be integrated with the folder view and provenance view. Use cases include: View files for project and keeping track of and process files on demountable storage devices. Standards to be used in this work include WebDAV, already supported by B2FIND, and iCAT-FUSE; Moonshot for authentication; and VoID, XRD, and EDAM for discoverability. The implementation will be compatible with existing CRIS repositories.