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Virtual folder, Part of WP6

New iteration of D6.1 was created. See D6.12. It incorporates feedback and analysis based on current D6.1 and new design and prototype implementation. See also D6.1:VRE_portal_Integration Previous iteration D6.1 implements:

In particular, it will build on the B2DROP and B2SAFE services provided by EUDAT. Use cases include: View files for project and keeping track of and process files on demountable storage devices. Standards to be used in this work include WebDAV, already supported by B2FIND, From File:675858 Annex 1 - Description Of Action (part A).pdf

Current iteration D6.12 should additionally focus:

In particular, it will build ... on PaNData for photon and neutron facilities, and collaborate with the possible future efforts of PaNDaaS WP9. This data service will be registered in the ELIXIR Tools and Data Services Registry, with EDAM metadata; and also in B2FIND. CCP4 has begun development of a web portal for solving crystallographic structures. This will be integrated with the folder view and provenance view. Standards to be used in this work include ...iCAT-FUSE; Moonshot for authentication; and VoID, XRD, and EDAM for discoverability. The implementation will be compatible with existing CRIS repositories.

From File:675858 Annex 1 - Description Of Action (part A).pdf

The deliverable of D6.1 Report on Virtual folder working draft document: [1]

Links have been made with EUDAT: EUDAT Data Pilot.

Pilot self-deployable application with connection to b2drop: github.com/h2020-westlife-eu/west-life-wp6


  • ✔ WebDAV folders from EUDAT (B2DROP / B2SAFE)
    • Create project folder, with CERIF metadata, and get its PID
    • ✔ UI to view files for research project, using WebDAV client
    • ✔ VM mount for WP4 using davfs2 (Vagrant script)
      • ✔ capable of exporting output and using input from B2DROP
      • ✔ also B2SHARE, when that supports WebDAV
  • ✔ Multiplex WebDAV view (a federation of data)
  • WebDAV view of iCAT-FUSE / PaNData / CCP4 / dCache / Zenodo resources
  • More as required
    • Input from WP4
  • Add to ELIXIR Tools and Data Services Registry and B2FIND
  • Data management for single particle electron microscopy
  • Consider proposing Instruct becomes an Associate Partner of EUDAT