All Partners' Meeting 3-4 May 2018

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Please add yourself to the Attendence List

We will book accomodation in the CSIC guest House. If you prefer a hotel, please make your own booking.

Dinner will be at Dantxari Restaurant.

3 May

13:00 West-Life VRE: 3 "real" user presentations /20 minutes each
14:00 WP4 + WP5 Deployment, access and usage of VRE and the helpdesk activities deployed Bonvin
15:00 WP6 Data Management: repository, assembly queries and provenance Winn
Coffee break
16:15 WP7 JRAs: outputs Carazo
17:00 WP2/3 Engagement, outreach, and Dissemination: so far and forthcoming Banci
17:45 Finances Small
18:00 WP1 Sustainability: Scenarios and work plan Daenke
19:00 End of day 1

4 May - two parallel sessions

09:00-11:00 SAB closed meeting
09:00-11:00 Exploitation strategy discussion: publicity and scientific collaboration (Chair: Perrakis)
coffee break
11:30 SAB report
12:00 wrapping up the project (Chair: Winn)
13:30 End of the meeting